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High Value Experience
And Expertise

The location is not always enough. Its just a good starting point for a landmark project.

A visionary approach of developement

The right location and the right project at the right time - always aiming for landmark projects that enhance value for communities and travel or business destinations. After more than 12 years of experience in the premium and luxury real estate market, we understand how a luxury project should be developed in terms of location, design, engineering, and approach.

High profile land aquisition

With proven experience in land transactions, our team has an extensive network that ensures us access to a large variety of plots in high-profile areas in any of our locations of interest.

Strong marketing and sales

Our main heritage comes from one of the most successful luxury real estate companies. Therefore, we have a strong and proven record of selling over 10,000 sqm of high-value properties in the Romanian luxury real estate market. The total amount in transactions exceeds over 1 bilion euros as of 2023.

Master planing and design

Every project that Monarc Properties develops is carefully planned and managed. Anticipating market trends and expectations, combined with rigorous research, is our key feature for achieving all our project objectives in terms of time, quality, and budget.

Construction Management

We have the experience and expertise to work with international and local contractors. Our in-house operational team covers all methods, from general tendering to construction management.

Oriented to details in every aspect

Our tehnical and operational team ensures that every project in our current portfolio, meets the pinnacle of those three cardinal objectives: QUALITY, TIME AND COST. This is achieved by internal procedures developed over the years of experience in many high-profile projects.

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