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This cookie statement has been prepared by Monarc Properties S.R.L., a company with its headquarters in Romania, Bucharest District 1, Str. Atena, No 26, as the owner of the platform, and as the administrator of the pages with the same name on different social networks (”Platform Monarc Properties”).

Through this document, we aim to inform the users of our website about the cookies we use on the Platform Monarc Properties, as well as about the data processing activities we carry out in relation to these cookies.
On the Platform Monarc Properties we use cookies and other related or similar technologies (for ease of tracking, all technologies are referred to as “Cookies”). Cookies are also placed by third parties with whom we collaborate, as detailed in this statement.


A cookie is a small simple file, consisting of letters and numbers, which is placed during navigation on the pages of the Platform Monarc Properties and stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer or another device you use for internet browsing. The information stored in these modules can be returned to our servers or to the relevant third-party servers during a (subsequent) visit to our site.

Cookies themselves do not require personal data to be used and, in most cases, do not identify internet users, as the information collected through cookies is not of a nature to lead to the identification of internet users. However, with the help of cookies, information such as IP address, geographical location data, data about the operating system, data about the resolution of the devices used, information about visits to the site (including the number of visits, time spent on the site, the way the site is accessed, user behavior on the site), data about organic traffic on a website, etc., can be collected.

Depending on their duration, cookies can be classified as session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies have a storage duration limited to the duration of a user's visit to the Site. At the end of the session or when the browser is closed, the stored information is deleted.

Persistent cookies are stored on a user's device for a variable period of time, longer than the duration of a visit to the Site, and are not deleted at the end of the session or when the browser is closed, but at the expiration of the duration mentioned in this document.


We use cookies for several purposes, which include:

  • keeping your browsing preferences on the Platform Monarc Properties (e.g., preferences regarding cookies placed by our site, preferred language, your searches, etc.) to apply them during your subsequent visits;
  • communicating with you through the Platform Monarc Properties;
  • obtaining information about how you use our site's pages to provide you with better information through it, tailored to your needs, and to improve your experience on our site;
  • improving our efforts to promote our services and site to you;
  • operating various applications and modules integrated into our site, for an optimal browsing experience on our site and to improve it;
  • ensuring the security of our site and preventing and remedying its malfunctions.


When you visit our site for the first time, a pop-up window of our preference management platform regarding Cookies will be displayed, explaining the Cookies used or installed, respectively, when accessing the Platform Monarc Properties. You can allow the placement of each category of Cookies (except for strictly necessary Cookies and social media buttons), as described in the pop-up window. Your consent will be stored by our preference management platform regarding Cookies. Each time you return to the Platform Monarc Properties using the same device and/or internet network, you will be able to review the previously expressed preferences regarding the Cookies used or installed by the Platform Monarc Properties.

You can also disable the use of Cookies through your browser (see Section 8 (Enabling/disabling and deleting cookies using internet browser settings) below in this regard), but please note that some parts of the Platform Monarc Properties may not function properly.


5.1. Necessary Cookies

Necessary cookies are essential for the operation of the Platform Monarc Properties. They allow the use of basic functions, such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the site. The Platform Monarc Properties cannot function properly without these cookies. According to the law, we are allowed to place these Cookies without your consent.

Our site uses the following necessary cookies:

  • Name Provider
  • Purpose
  • Storage duration
  • Type

5.2. Preference Cookies

We use preference cookies to allow the Platform Monarc Properties to remember information that changes the way our site behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or the region you are in. We ask for your permission to place preference cookies through our preference management platform regarding Cookies.

Our site uses the following preference cookies:

  • Name Provider
  • Purpose
  • Storage duration
  • Type

5.3. Analytical Cookies

We use analytical cookies to optimize and measure the user experience of the Platform Monarc Properties for our users. With these analytical cookies, we will obtain information related to the use of our site. We ask for your permission to place analytical cookies.

Our site uses the following analytical cookies:

  • Name Provider
  • Purpose
  • Storage duration
  • Type

5.4. Marketing Cookies

We use marketing cookies to track visitors across different websites. The intention is to display relevant and attractive ads to each user individually and, therefore, more valuable both for the users of the Platform Monarc Properties and for publishers and advertisers. We ask for your permission to place marketing cookies.

Our site uses the following marketing cookies:

  • Name Provider
  • Purpose
  • Storage duration
  • Type

5.5. Third-Party Cookies

Some features of the Platform Monarc Properties are provided through technologies of third parties. These third parties are service providers whom we authorize to place cookies or similar technologies on our site for storing information related to site users, along with the installation of features through which we provide you with these services (e.g., YouTube or Facebook). Some of these technologies may be activated and collect data related to you when you launch the Platform Monarc Properties, if you consent to this, while others collect your data only when you access a specific page on the Platform Monarc Properties or a specific service on a page of the platform.

We assure you that these third parties must also comply with applicable regulations regarding data processing carried out through cookies. At the same time, third parties are fully and solely responsible for how they collect and use your data collected through our site.

Third-party cookies installed or used through the Platform Monarc Properties are included in our preference management platform on our site, available at first access or by accessing the "Manage your cookie agreements" button available at the bottom right of the page displayed on your device screen.

You can identify the third parties in question in the descriptions in paragraphs 5.1–5.4 above depending on the domain placing the cookies, respectively our cookies are placed by the domain, while third-party cookies are placed by other domains.

Third-party service providers use these technologies to allow us to deliver content and advertising, both on our site and on other sites you visit, that are tailored to your preferences, needs, or interests.


On the Platform Monarc Properties we have included buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the promotion of our pages (e.g., “like”, “pin”) or sharing (e.g., “tweet”) on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These buttons work using code from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram themselves. This code places cookies. These social media buttons can also store and process certain information so that a personalized advertisement can be shown to you.

Please read the privacy statement of these social networks (which can change frequently) to find out what they do with your (personal) data that they process using these cookies. The data retrieved is anonymized as much as possible. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are located in the United States.


You can manage your cookie preferences by accessing our preference management platform (through the “Manage your cookie agreements” button available at the bottom right of the screen displayed on your device) or through your browser settings. Each browser provides different ways to configure your cookie settings. The “help” section of your browser will provide instructions on how to manage your cookie settings. If you decide to reject cookies, this may affect the functionality of the Platform Monarc Properties in whole or in part.


For any questions or requests regarding the processing of data through cookies, respectively for any other information regarding data processing by Monarc Properties S.R.L. you can contact us at the email address or at the postal address mentioned in section 1 above.